Meet our Caravan, The Bellaire

December 17, 2020 7:57 am

Introducing The Bellaire! A vintage inspired caravan with a modern design. This caravan takes luxury to the next level. The Bellaire is the definition of the Wow Factor as it offers top quality finishes. It comes with ample storage, deep basin, plenty of shelving, Corian countertops and Walnut accents. It is equipped with a smart tv for commercial display and overall entertainment. This caravan will be the ultimate accessory to any event imaginable. Love the look of The Bellaire? Send us a message to learn more!

Meet our caravan, The Cliveden

December 3, 2020 7:28 am

The Cliveden is a stylish mobile bar solution beyond the standard serving tables, carts, and bar facades. This trailer is set to impress at all types of events, whether it be a wedding, party, business, or promotional event we know how to accommodate small and large events of any kind. The Cliveden evokes a sense of sophistication that all your guests will be swooning over. but don’t be fooled, underneath the cliveden’s dapper appearance is a trailer that loves to get the party started! With a sleek silhouette, dashing design and exemplary functionality, the cliveden strives to make your event unforgettable! Highlights of the Cliveden include: Over 40 sq/ft of natural wood bar countertop space Vintage white walls and natural... Read More